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*Pencil Edge

The straigth edge is a square edge that is rounded ever so slightly to prevent damage to the countertop or injuries. This edge profile is a great option if you are searching for something that looks great but does not distract from other elements you want to highlight in the room. 

1_4 ROUND.jpg

*1/4 Round Edge 

The slight curve of the Quarter Round edge will make your countertop appear slightly thicker. This edge is a great fit for either traditional or modern kitchen designs. In addition to your kitchen countertop, this edge looks great on bathroom surfaces as well. 

1_4 BEVEL.jpg

*1/4 Bevel Edge 

The ¼ Bevel edge highlights the thickness of a kitchen or bathroom countertop. This edge is a good option for those looking to add shape to their countertop but do not want a rounded edge. This edge will provide subtle style to your countertop.

3_8 ROUND.jpg

3/8 Round Edge

Roundovers are a very simple edge profile. A smaller roundover will maximize the visual thickness of the piece. When specifying roundovers, you must consider the top horizontal edge, the bottom horizontal edge, and the vertical corners of the piece to ensure the desired visual appearance. 

What Are the Best
Options for Premium Edges ? 

Edges essentially combine the elements of two separate edges into one. If you are looking for an edge that will make your countertop appear thicker, laminate edges will be a great choice for you. This section highlights some of the best laminated edges. 

Mitered Edge  

The Mitered edge is common for rectangular countertops that join at a 45-degree angle. This gorgeous edge profile will add simple style to your quartz countertop.

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